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This month’s featured service is all about… Animals and Pets!

Your family member from the animal kingdom is always welcome in our studio!  We can also go to your location for gorgeous family and pet portraits.

We frequently set up photo shoots at local groomers and trainers.  Wouldn’t you want your pet’s portrait proudly displayed on your groomer’s  “Wall of Fame” like we do at Four Paws Only in Canton?  If your groomer/trainer doesn’t offer this service, call us and we’ll get something scheduled!

Enjoy the slideshow below!

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Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked QuestionsPlease check out our list of Frequently Asked Questions below, and if you have any other questions then please please feel free to use the Contact Form on this page to send us a note.

Q.  How many photographers do you use for a wedding?
A.  We always use 2 photographers, both a male and a female.

Q.  What is your style of wedding photography?
A.  We actually blend 4 distinct styles of photography throughout the day.  We capture the TRADITIONAL poses that Moms and Grandmothers want to see, as well as CANDID (photojournalistic), POSED CANDID and FINE ART.  We can even tailor how much of each style we capture.  This way, everyone can find something they will really love!

Q.  I've heard that there is more to a great photographic experience than just pictures, what does that mean?
A.  We provide a Complete Wedding Day Eperience!  We don't just capture beautiful images!  We gracefully guide you through your special day.  Our energy, excitement and sense of fun is contagious.  We laugh and joke with you and your family. (It puts everyone at ease and helps the bride and groom relax!)  We will do anything within our power to help make your day a sweet, romantic success.

Q.  What kind of camera system do you use?
A.  DIGITAL!  Where the sky's the limit on the number of images, touch-ups are a breeze and any image can be color, B&W, sephia tone or selective color.  It's SO much better than film!

Q.  Can friends and relatives see our wedding images?
A.  We offer Online Viewing and Ordering of your wedding images at no extra charge.  We will always take care of you and your immediate family directly, but you can send friends and relatives to the website to order and pay for images themselves - One less thing for you to worry about!

Q.  How many weddings do you do photograph each day?
A.  We only book ONE event, so that you will get all of our attention and energy for your special day!

Q.  Who will actually show up for our Wedding Day photographs?
A.  You will always get Leo and Liz!  We are the people you spoke with and we are the people that will be there for you!  We wouldn't want it any other way!

Q.  How do you know what photographs to take?
A.  We have many YEARS of experience in capturing just the right images.  We are very creatve and are always on the lookout for unique and extra special moments.  We also have you fill out a Wedding Day Photography Checklist that tells us which photographs are most important to you!

Q.  Do you charge for a consultation?
A.  There is never a charge to meet with you for a no-obligation consultation.  Call us today to schedule a visit and let us give you one less thing to worry about!

Q.  How long do I have to make selections for my wedding album?
A.  Image/album selections must be made within 60 days of proof delivery.  After that, orders will be fulfilled at photographers discretion.

Q.  Why are your prices higher than other photographers?
A.  We are not ashamed to say that our prices are higher than other studios in our area. Then again, we're sure they know what their services are really worth, and they set their prices accordingly... Just like we do.

Q.  In summary, what's the difference between Angel Moon Photography and other photographers?
A.  The Angel Moon Photography difference:

  • 2 Photographers.
  • A blend of 4 distinct styles.
  • Creative and unique images.
  • Stat-of-the-art equipment and techniques.
  • Online image viewing.
  • We listen to what YOU want!
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